Tree Ordinances by State


Arkansas Agriculture Department – Tree Ordinance Examples


Davis – Chapter 37 Tree Planting, Preservation and Protection

Summary – Tree Planting, Preservation, and protection Ordinance 

Folson – Tree Preservation Ordinance – Jan 2020

Los Angeles – Ordinance 177404

Oakland – Chapter 12.36 Protected Trees 

Apply for development related tree removal permit

Tree Removal Permit Applications

Palo Alto – Chapter 8.10 Tree Preservation and Management Regulations

Pasadena – Pasadena Tree Protection Ordinance – information page

Sacramento – Permits and Ordinances

San Francisco –Tree Protection Legislation

Article 16 – Urban Forestry Ordinance

San Jose – Tree Policy Manual & Best Recommended Practices

San Marino –Trees 

Santa Monica, CA Tree Ordinance

San Mateo County Tree Ordinances -Tree Replacement Requirements – Canopy Goals and Policy Options

Santa Clara County – Guidelines for Tree Protection and Preservation for Land Use Applications 

Sonoma City and County – Native and Heritage Tree Ordinances 

South San Francisco – Municipal Code 13.30 – Tree preservation


Denver – City Forester Ordinance


CT Ordinances and Charters by Town – searchable for tree ordinances


Escambia County, FL – Tree Protection Ordinance

Jacksonville, FL – Tree Removal laws

Miami, FL – Environmental Protection  March 23, 2017


Atlanta, GA – Atlanta’s Tree Protection Ordinance

Atlanta, GA – Frequently Asked Questions

Georgia’s Tree Ordinances – Georgia Urban Forest Council – links to over 140 Tree Ordinances.

Norcross, GA – Chapter 113 – Tree Preservation

Tree Ordinance Development Guidebooks


Muncie, IN – Chapter 97 -Tree Ordinance


Boston.MA – 8/2021 Ordinance establishing protection for the city of Boston Tree Canopy 

Cambridge, MA  – Chapter 8.66 Tree Protection

City of Cambridge Dept. of Public Works Tree Protection Ordinance Regulations 3/11/19

Shade Trees – State of Massachusetts – Chapter 87

Community Tree Ordinances – some 20 Tree Ordinances can be found on this page


Maplewood – Chapter 18 ,Article 5, Division 3  Trees


Princeton, New Jersey – An Ordinance by the Municipality of Princeton Concerning Trees and Shrubs  – 2016-34


Tree Ordinance Components – NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation

NYC Laws Regarding Tree Removal


Protecting and Retaining Trees – A Guide for Municipalities and Counties in North Carolina – NC State Extension

Developing Tree Protection Ordinances in North Carolina


Canopy Protection Ordinances – Dept. Natural Resources , links to 8 examples

Cleveland – Trees Chapter 509

Columbus – Trees, Trees, Trees – see tree protection and mitigation


Beaverton – Chapter 40.80 Tree Plan 2005

Oregon City – Chapter 17.41 Tree Protection Standards

Portland TITLE 11 – Trees – updated March 2017

Tree Code Information -Tree requirements in Development June 25, 2019
Tree Removal & Replanting FAQ
Qualifying for a Tree Removal and Replanting Permit
Title 11 – Tree Fee Schedule

Tree Code Oversight Committee Recommendations Report -2016

Citywide Tree Data Report Jan 1- Dec 31 2015 – March 2016

Salem – Preservation of Trees and Vegetation – Salem revised code – Chapter 808


Nashville – Tree Protection and Replacement

Urban Forestry


Austin, TX –Tree Protection – information page
Tree and Natural Area Preservation

San Antonio, TX – Amending Chapter 15 . Relating to Tree Preservation and Adequate Canopy May 2010
San Antonio, TX – Sec 35-523 – Tree Preservation 2016 updated
San Antonio, TX – Tree Preservation  -info 
San Antonio, TX – Tree Preservation Fees 2016

WestLake Hills, TX – Trees and Vegetation 

Some Texas Municipal Tree Ordinances – Texas Chapter International Society of Arboriculture


Status of Tree Ordinances in South Carolina, South Carolina Forestry Commission, 2003


Virginia Tree Ordinance Database – Virginia Tech and Virginia Urban Forest Council – links to 29 Tree Ordinances

WASHINGTON – see WA State Tree Ordinances 

Urban Forestry – Municipal Research and Service Center of Washington