Books on Climate Change

Gary Braasch, Earth Under Fire – How Global Warming is Changing the World, University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, 2007

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Brian Fagan, The Long Summer – How Climate Changed Civilization, Basic Books, New York, NY, 2004

Brian Fagan,  The Great Warming – Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations, Bloomsbury Press, New York, NY 2008

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth – The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It, Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA 2006

Al Gore, Our Choice – A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis. Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA, 2009

Christina G Mittermeier, Series Editor, A Climate for Life – Meeting the Global Challenge, Conservation International, 2008

Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe, Climate Change – Picturing the Science, WW Norton & Co, New York, NY