Tree News – Seattle

Tree News: Seattle

WA trapped a big number of these invasive, tree eating moths in 2023,” Amanda Zhou, Seattle Times, Oct. 24, 2023

US Forest Service Announces Grant Awards to Washington Cities and Tribes”, Tree Link News, DNR, Sept 27,2023

Inside the tumultuous debate behind Seattle’s tree ordinance“,  Eric Scigliano, Crosscut, Sept. 1, 2023

Seattle forest ecologist finds, climbs and illustrates our biggest trees“. Elliot Almond, Pacific NW Magazine, Sep1, 2023

“This Seattle forest ecologist doesn’t mind suffering for his work“,  Elliot Almond, Seattle Times, Sept. 1, 2023

City Stream: Protecting Seattle’s Tree Canopy August 29, 2023

Seattle City Council’s actions belie empty talk of saving trees“, Seattle Times editorial board, August 27, 2023

Yes, Seattle, we can have both housing and trees, Naomi Ishisaka, Seattle Times, August 13, 2023

New deal saves Seattle’s celebrity tree, ‘Luma’,” Amy Radil & Dyer Oxley, KUOW / NPR, August 9, 2023

Some Seattle tree advocates oppose ordinance aimed at managing the city’s urban forest,” Elizabeth Castillo, OPD, July 24, 2023

“Snoqualmie Tribe and Washington State Conclude Wedgewood Cedar is Culturally Modified Tree and Indigenous Archeological Site,” Snoqualmie Tribe, July 20, 2023

How Developers Helped Shape Seattle’s Controversial Tree Protection Ordinance,” Eric Scigliano, Investigate West, July 19, 2023

“Neighbors mourn Wedgewood’s massive Western red cedar, set to be cut down, Lauren Girgus”, Seattle Times, July 13, 2023

OPINION | Seattle’s Tree Ordinance Is an Affront to Climate Justice, South Seattle Emerald, Voices, Susan Su, June 24, 2023

Seattle’s Kubota Garden: A refuge and reminder of why parks matter,” Seattle Times editorial board, June 4, 2023 

“Seattle City Council passed tree ordinance after years of debate,”  Amanda Zhou, Seattle Times, May 24. 2023

“Ordinance aimed at protecting thousands of Seattle’s trees is approved By Council,”  Michelle Esteban, KOMO News Reporter, May 23, 2023

“Seattle City Council passes new tree ordinance,”  Hannah Weinberger, Crosscut, May 23, 2023

“Seattle tree protection ordinance, years in the making, is up for a vote,”  Amanda Zhou, Seattle Times,  May 23, 2023

“Seattle’s proposed tree ordinance is the legislative  equivalent of a chain saw,” Seattle Times editorial board, Seattle Times, May 19, 2023

“Can Seattle balance its need for housing with its need for trees,” Bellamy Pailthorp, KNKX Public Radio, May 19, 2023

“Living with Trees”, Martha Baskin, Real Change, May 9, 2023

As Seattle loses tree canopy, a city council bill may let developers cut down more“,  Amy Radil. KUOW/NPR, May 5, 2023

“City Inside/Out: Saving Seattle’s shrinking tree canopy”, April 21, 2023

Opinion – We Must Get Seattle’s Updated Tree Ordinance Right to Protect Community Well Being. Lois Martin and Sandy Shettler,, April 17, 2023

You might be responsible for a Seattle street tree and not know it”, Hannah Weinberger, Crosscut, April 12, 2023

“Trees, housing, and climate goals are intertwined as Seattle debates canopy,” Opinion – The Seattle Times Editorial Board, March 23, 2023

“Two-thirds of Seattle voters concerned about tree loss with housing density increasing”, Andrew Villeneuve, Cascadia Advocate, March 22, 2023

Mayor Harrell and Councilmember Strauss Advance New Efforts to Increase Seattle Tree canopy and preserve Thousands of Trees, Jamie Housen, Office of the Mayor,  March 7, 2023

“Seattle has lost 255 acres of tree canopy. Here’s why”, Daniel Beekman, Seattle Times March 2, 2023

Seattle has a Green Lake-sized hole in its canopy, study shows“, Hannah Weinberger, Crosscut, March 2, 2023

“Seattle has lost 255 acres of tree canopy since 2016, report says”, Erica Zucco,, March 1, 2023

“Create urban forester position to protect Seattle’s dwindling tree canopy”, Seattle Time’s Editorial Board, Nov 3, 2022

“Seattle townhouse residents deserve trees, too”, David Moehring, Martha Baskin, and Sandy Shettler, Seattle Times opinion, Sept. 26, 2022

“Why is Seattle losing trees?”, Paige Browning, Kamne Shastr, and Clare McGrane, KUOW, Sept 1, 2022

New rules put Puget Sound’s urban trees in private hands, Lizz Giordano, Crosscut and Investigate West, Aug. 31, 2022

“Seattle’s gnarly battle over tree protection”, Alex Fryer, Seattle Times, August 19, 2022

Seattle Can Have More Trees and More Housing at the Same Time, Laura Loe and Joshua Morris, The Stranger, April 22,2022

Seattle Tightens Regulations on Tree Service Providers”, Natalie Bicknell Argerious, The Urbanist, March 30, 2022

“Seattle City Council to vote on private property tree protections’, Capital Hill Seattle Blog, March 29, 2022

“Councilmember Dan Strauss proposes expanding tree protection in Seattle”, Meghan Wells, My Ballard, Feb. 2, 2022

“City Hall must take action on protecting Seattle’s trees”, Seattle Times Editorial Board, Jan. 13, 2022

“Second set of Seattle tree protection poll findings affirm voters value urban forests”, The Cascade Advocate, Dec 20, 2021

“Seattle NOW Our Trees Are Stressed”, Patricia Murphy & Caroline Chamberlain Gomez, KUOW (on YOUTUBE)  Oct 11.2021

Tree Protection Push Gets a Boost with New Polling and Plan, Natalie Bicknell Argerious. The Urbanist, Sept.24. 2021

“Seattle voters back stronger tree protections in poll”, Amy Radil, KUOW, Sept. 16, 2021

Seattle voters overwhelmingly favor policies to protect and expand Seattle’s tree canopy”, Andrew Villeneuve, NW Progressive The Cascade Advocate, Sept 15, 2021

“Likely Seattle voters speak for the trees”, Seattle Audubon, Sept 15, 2021

“Will Sizzling Heat Finally Spur Seattle to Act on Tree Canopy Protections?”, Natalie Bicknell Argerious, The Urbanist. Aug. 12, 2021

“In Order to Achieve tree Equity, the US Must Plant 522 Million Trees in Urban Areas”, Natalie Bicknell Argerious, The Urbanist, July 20,2021

“Fighting to save Seattle’s trees – Development below Ursula Judkins Park raising ire of advocates, “Jessica Keller, Queen Anne & Magnolia News, May 6, 2021

Why Seattle’s industrial district needs more trees“, Samantha Allen, Crosscut, April 2, 2021

“To build up urban forests, Washington cities could get help from the state”, Levi Pulkkinen, Investigate West, Crosscut, Jan 26, 2021

How COVID-19 hurt Seattle’s plan to strengthen its tree law“, Jenny Cunningham, Crosscut, July 9, 2020

“Seattle Should Count Its Ecological Assets”, Martin Westerman, The Urbanist, June 23, 2020

“Watch: Angry former Seattle punk rocker sings to save the city’s trees”, Corwin Haeck, KOMO news, Feb 14, 2020

“Watch tree activists break into song at Seattle City Council meeting”, Jennifer King, K5 NEWS, Feb 13, 2020

“Treeless in Seattle – In the fastest growing city in America, the need for tree preservation competes with the need for new housing”, Karen Gaudette Brewer, US NEWS, Jan 3, 2020

Seattle tree rules are too lax, critics say. New city council members want to change that” Amy Radil,, Dec.18.2019

“WNPS Comments on Seattle’s Tree Protection Ordinance”, Becky Chaney, Washington Native Plant Society, Sept 29, 2019

“Dead tree after dead tree.” The case of Washington’s dying foliage”, Ellis O’Neill, KUOW, Sept 17, 2019

“The Last 6000 Project Maps Seattle’s ‘Exceptional Trees’ – a project invites locals to help count the city’s largest trees”, Chris Robinson, Seattle magazine, Sept 2019

Will Seattle Finally Protect its Trees? A Leafy Promise Left Unfulfilled”, Carolyn Bick, Investigate West, July 30, 2019

“Is one of Seattle’s ‘last 6000’ exceptional trees in your yard – a quest to measure and count the last big trees in the city before it is too late”, Anne Erickson, King 5 Evening, June 18, 2019.

Fight to keep Seattle Trees”, Essex Porter, KIRO 7 News, June 13, 2019

“‘They’re Treasures’ : Advocates want more protection for Seattle’s big trees” Amy Radil, KUOW, June 3, 2019

Saving Seattle’s last ‘exceptional’ trees means getting to know them, Manola Secaira, Crosscut, May 21, 2019

Fighting for clean air in one of Seattle’s most polluted neighborhoods, Glenn Nelson, Crosscut, May 13, 2019

Trees start coming down to make way for light rail’s Lynnwood links“, Steve Ringman and Greg Gilbert, The Seattle Times, May 2, 2019

“Queen Anne Elementary neighbors plea to save tree Parks clears school district to remove ailing Norway Maple”, Brandon Macz, Queen Anne & Magnolia News, April 25, 2019

“Horticultural Kudos for Seattle Campus – UW honored by Arbor day Foundation, receives arboretum status,” Nancy Graves,, April 16, 2019

“Thousands of trees to come down to make room for Light Rail extension”, KOMONEWS, April 16, 2019

Thousands of trees will be removed to make way for light rail to Lynnwood”, Mike Lindblom, The Seattle Times, April 15, 2019

Seattle neighbors band together against developer to save ‘exceptional’ tree, Marcus Harrison Green, The Seattle Times, March 28, 2019

Storm aftermath: Hundreds of trees down around Seattle and prime landslide conditions“, Deedee Sun, KiRO 7, Feb. 15, 2019

“Saving the city through the trees – Magnolia resident objects to environmental changes in many new developments,” Danielle Chastaine, Queen Anne & Magnolia News, Jan 23, 2019

“Amendments to the MHA Ordinance,” Seattle Urban Forestry Commission, Jan 9, 2019

Seattle’s proposed tree ordinance is ‘premature’ activist says, King 5 News Sept 25, 2018

Comment on the Proposed Tree Ordinance, Northeast District Council – NEDC, Sept. 12, 2018

“Some of Washington’s biggest trees are dying and scientists don’t know why,” Craig Sailor, The Seattle Times, Sept 10, 2018

Seattle Appears Poised to Act on Tree Canopy Protection“, Stephen Foster, The Urbanist, Sept 7, 2018

Tree Preservation Ordinance Stuck in the Slow Lane, Kevinsch, SCC insight, Sept 5, 2018

Washington Native Plant Society letter on Seattle Tree Ordinance update, Sept 2, 2018

“Local Environmentalists call Councilmember Rob Johnson’s tree preservation ordinance a “tree removal” ordinance,” John V Fox, Outside City Hall, August 30, 2018

Seattle Tree-Protection Proposal Could be Backward Step, Say Tree Advocates, Investigate West, Robert McClure and Julie Davidow, Investigate West, August 27, 2018

“Seattle’s Tree ordinance to be Updated – review proposed changes here” – Fremont Neighborhood Council, August 16, 2018

New Tree Protection Ordinance could reduce canopy coverage citywide, Opponents urging city to keep existing protections“, Madison Park Times, August 10, 2018

“Johnson Proposes Revision to Tree Protection Ordinance”, Kevinsch, SCC Insight, August 4, 2018

“Seattle Draft Tree Protection Ordinance Maintains for Smaller Significant Trees, Bellamy Pailthorp, KNKX, August 1, 2018

As Seattle Works Toward New Rules for Tree Cutting, Neighborhood Activists Push for More Protection”, KNKX, Bellamy Pailthorp, August 1, 2018

“Western red cedar die-off in Seattle Parks”, Chris Rippy, Green Seattle Partnership, July 24, 2018

“Seattle Working on New Tree Ordinance to Protect and Increase Canopy” Bellamy Pailthorp, KNKX, June 22, 2018

“Can Seattle’s trees survive its boom”, Josh Cohen, Crosscut, June 7, 2018

“Proposal to protect trees in Seattle, Seattle explores new tree cutting rules. As the city grows, Seattle is starting to look at new ways to protect trees” Ted Land, King 5 News, June 5, 2018

“Seattle debates new law to require permits for tree cutting on properties,” Matt Markovich, KOMONews, June 4, 2018

“Developers should not be exempt in new ordinance to protect Seattle’s trees”, Steve Zemke and Susanna Lin, Seattle Fair Growth, June 3, 2018

Tree point system – In quest to stay leafy, Seattle looks at new canopy protection rules“, Ari Cetron, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, June 1, 2018

“Seattle Considers Greater Tree Planting and Preservation Measures”, Steven Fesler, The Urbanist, May 24, 2018

Support Strengthening Seattle’s Tree Policy Now“, Seattle Nature Allieance, May 17, 2018

“Trees + Density = Livability”, Mike Eliason, The Urbanist, May 7, 2018

“Seattle tree law could be getting a revision”, Sarah Anne Lloyd, Curbed Seattle, April 30, 2018

“Johnson Releases Draft Framework to Update the City Tree Ordinance,” Seattle Councilmember Rob Johnson Press release, April 26, 2018

“Seattle says no more ‘willy-nilly’ cutting down trees on private property”, Amy Radil, KUOW, April 26, 2018

Throwing Shade: How a lack of trees hurts Seattle minorities, Areeya Tipasothi and Julie Davidow, Herald Net, April 25, 2018

“Where to Find Old Growth Forest in Seattle”, Jennie Flaming,, April 12, 2018

“From Seattle to Melbourne, Trees are at the Root of Our Cities Health,” The Nature Conservancy, March 21, 2018

“Why We Don’t Plant Trees for Earth Day”, Nicole Marcotte, Green Seattle Partnership, March 16, 2018

“Searching for Seattles trees o’ history”, Feliks Banel, My Northwest, Feb 21, 2018

“Seattle needs more trees, But who is counting?“, Amy Radil, KUOW, Feb. 8, 2018

“City Settles with West Seattle Homeowners Over Cutting Public Trees”, Hayat Norimine, Seattle MET, Feb 5, 2018

The Struggle to Save Seattle’s Urban Trees in the Face of Development, Maria Dolan, Seattle Magazine, October 2017

“Will Seattle (Finally) Protect Its Tree Canopy?” by Adiel Kaplan and Robert McClure. Investigate West for Seattle Weekly, Oct. 27, 2017

“Pollution Found in mosses reveals Seattle’s Traffic Impacts, Michael Yadrick, Green Seattle Partnership, Sept 21, 2017

“As More Buildings Go Up, How Many of Seattle’s Trees Will Come Down?”
by Adiel Kaplan, Investigate West, June 27, 2017

“Not the most emerald city of them all”, Adiel Kaplan, Investigate West, June 27, 2017

“Seattle’s Tree Canopy Studies”, Adiel Kaplan, Investigate West, June 27, 2017

“Group says too many trees being cut down in Seattle neighborhoods”, Sept. 22, 2016

“Seattle’s Long Neglected Tree Canopy on  a Collision Course with Development”,
by Adiel Kaplan, Investigate West, July 27, 2016

“In Honor of Washington State’s Arbor Day: Spectacular Trees in Seattle – Native and non-native, Seattle has some amazing trees”, Jim Demitre and Lara Hale, Seattle Magazine, April 2016

“Seattle’s tree management needs revising, the city auditor says”, Michelle Ma, Seattle Times, May 19, 2009

“New Tree Law is Just a Start, City says ordinance is as far as it can go for now“, Debra Carlton Harrell, Seattle PI, Feb 22, 2009