Drafting Tree and Urban Forestry Ordinances

Below are listed resources to help in drafting tree and urban forestry ordinances:

Community Trees- Sample Tree Ordinances for Iowa Communities, and Community Trees – Tree Ordinances for Iowa Communities , Iowa State University, Coop Ext Services, 1999

Developing Tree Protection Ordinances in North Carolina, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions for  the Urban & Community Forestry Program of the North Carolina Forest Service and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. 2017

Greening Connecticut Cities and Towns, Managing Public Trees and Community Forests, Richard M Ricard & Glenn Dreyer , Editors, 2004

Growing the Urban Forest-: A study of tree ordinances in Massachusetts, Tufts Univ, 2007

A Guide to Community and Urban Forestry Programming, Washington State department of Commerce and Evergreen Communities Partnership Task Force, June 2009

A Guide to Preserving Trees in Development Projects, PennState – College of Agricultural Sciences, 2005

A Guide to Writing a City Tree Ordinance – Conservation Tools.org, Pennsylvania Land Trust Association, Buck Abbey, 1993

Guide to Writing a Tree Ordinance – Model Tree Ordinances for Louisiana, 3/28/11

Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances, phytosphere.com

Guidelines for Developing Urban Forest Practices Ordinances, Oregon Dept. of Forestry, 1999

 Tree Ordinance Development Guidebook, Georgia Forestry Commission, 2005

Tree Ordinance,  Conservation Tools.org, 2011

Tree Ordinances – Protecting Trees According to Law, Landscape Architects and Specifier News, revised 6/17/13

Tree Ordinance Protection – Sustainable Jersey, Sept 2018

Tree Protection Toolkit April 2013 – American Forests

Urban & Community Tree Ordinances, North Carolina Tree Service, 2008

Urban Forest Best Management Practices for Public Works Managers – Ordinances, Regulations & Public Policies, American Public Works Association

Urban Forestry Sustainability Metrics – Building Sustainability into Cities and Towns – Urban Forestry Institute, Nashville TN,  2013

Urban Tree Conservation: a White Paper on Local Ordinance Approaches, Sandra S Nichols, Montgomery Tree Committee, 9/2007

Watershed Forestry Resource Guide, Center for Watershed Protection and US Forest Service