Drafting Tree and Urban Forestry Ordinances

Below are listed resources to help in drafting tree and urban forestry ordinances:

Community Trees- Sample Tree Ordinances for Iowa Communities, and Community Trees – Tree Ordinances for Iowa Communities , Iowa State University, Coop Ext Services, 1999

Developing Tree Protection Ordinances in North Carolina, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions for  the Urban & Community Forestry Program of the North Carolina Forest Service and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. 2017

Greening Connecticut Cities and Towns, Managing Public Trees and Community Forests, Richard M Ricard & Glenn Dreyer , Editors, 2004

Growing the Urban Forest-: A study of tree ordinances in Massachusetts, Tufts Univ, 2007

A Guide to Community and Urban Forestry Programming, Washington State department of Commerce and Evergreen Communities Partnership Task Force, June 2009

A Guide to Preserving Trees in Development Projects, PennState – College of Agricultural Sciences, 2005

A Guide to Writing a City Tree Ordinance – Conservation Tools.org, Pennsylvania Land Trust Association, Buck Abbey, 1993

Guide to Writing a Tree Ordinance – Model Tree Ordinances for Louisiana, 3/28/11

Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances, phytosphere.com

Guidelines for Developing Urban Forest Practices Ordinances, Oregon Dept. of Forestry, 1999

Staying Green: Local Tree Protection Ordinances in North Carolina

 Tree Ordinance Development Guidebook, Georgia Forestry Commission, 2005

Tree Ordinance,  ConservationTools.org, 2011

Tree Ordinances – Protecting Trees According to Law, Landscape Architects and Specifier News, revised 6/17/13

Tree Ordinance Protection – Sustainable Jersey, Sept 2018

Tree Protection Toolkit April 2013 – American Forests

Urban Forest Best Management Practices for Public Works Managers – Ordinances, Regulations & Public Policies, American Public Works Association

Urban Forestry Sustainability Metrics – Building Sustainability into Cities and Towns – Urban Forestry Institute, Nashville TN,  2013

Urban Tree Conservation: a White Paper on Local Ordinance Approaches, Sandra S Nichols, Montgomery Tree Committee, 9/2007

Watershed Forestry Resource Guide, Center for Watershed Protection and US Forest Service