Seattle’s Tree Ordinance

City of Seattle Tree Regulations – Trees for Seattle website

 Chapter 25.11 – TREE PROTECTION.  –   Seattle’s tree ordinance on private property was last updated on Feb 23, 2009. It was approved by an 8-1 vote of the Seattle City Council. It can be found in the  Seattle Municipal Code as Chapter 25.11 – TREE PROTECTION.

TREE PROTECTIONS per SMC Title 23 and SMC 25.11  – Sept. 23, 2016

Chapter 23 Land Use Code

Seattle City Council Resolution 31138 passed on August 3, 2009 directed the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) to examine a variety of issues to increase protection of trees and Seattle’s urban forest.

Tree Regulations Research Report Phase 1 Final Report – Sept 26, 2016

Tree Regulation Research Project – Phase II, Final Report Seattle DCI and OSE, March 31, 2017

SDCI Tree Regulations -slide presentation to Seattle Urban Forestry Commission Nov, 1, 2017

Mayor Burgess Executive order 2017-11: Tree Protection

Rule 16-2008 – Designation of Exceptional Trees – Oct 16, 2008

Rule 30-2015 – Standards for Landscaping, including Green Factor – Dec 22, 2015

SDCI-CAM Tip #242 -Tree Protection Regulations in Seattle – May 1, 2011

SDCI Seattle Permits – Tip 331 – Environmental Critical Areas Code – June 30, 2014

SDCI  Seattle Permits – Tip 331A – Environmentally Critical Areas – Vegetation Restoration -Feb 28, 2007

SDCI Seattle Permits – Tip 331B – Hazard Trees – Feb 26, 2018

DPD’s Summary of Pacific Northwest Municipal Tree Regulations.- Feb 2010

Seattle’s Updated Street Tree Ordinance – Chapter 15.43 – Tree and Vegetation Management in Public Places


DPD First Draft of Proposed Tree Ordinance Update: 2010 – not enacted

City of Seattle Proposed Tree Regulations July 14, 2010 Briefing Paper

Summary – City of Seattle Proposed Tree Regulations July 14, 2010

Seattle DPD Tree Regulations Proposal-slide presentation. August 4, 2010

Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s preliminary assessment of DPD’s proposed tree regulations released July 10, 2010.

Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s follow up letter on DPD’s Proposed Tree Regulations Oct 20, 2010.

Seattle Urban Forestry Commission Position paper on Tracking and Permitting of Tree Removals February 7, 2011

Seattle DPD Proposes Eliminating Almost All Tree Protections Save the Trees-Seattle’s Critique of DPD’s first draft of Tree ordinance, August 5, 2010

Seattle DPD Proposes Eliminating Almost all Tree Protections. Save the Trees-Seattle August 2, 2010

DPD Second Draft of Proposed Tree Ordinance  Update-  2012 (not enacted)

DPD Private Property Tree Regulations Update Ordinance July 11, 2012 draft 4.

Seattle DPD Private Property Tree Regulations Update – FAQ – July 2012

City of Seattle Private Property Tree Regulations Update Director’s Report July 2012.

City of Seattle Revised Draft Tree Regulation Update Summary July 2012

Seattle DPD’s Latest Draft Tree Ordinance Needs Strengthening, Part 1 – Save the Trees-Seattle’s Response to second draft of DPD’s tree ordinance July 29, 2012

Seattle DPD’s Latest Tree Ordinance Needs Strengthening – Part 2 Save the Trees – Seattle’s Response to second draft of DPD’s tree ordinance July 29, 2012