2023 – Seattle City Council Members and Land Use Staff

Seattle City Council Roster and Aides

Committee District Council Member , Council email,
Aide Name, Aide Email, office phone
yes 9-CW Sara Nelson sara.nelson@seattle.gov
Steven Ellis steven.ellis@seattle.gov 206-684-8809
yes 2 Tammy Morales tammy.morales@seattle.gov
Devin Silvernail devin.silvernail@seattle.gov 206-684-8807
yes 2 Tammy Morales tammy.morales@seattle.gov
Alexis Turla alexis.turla@seattle.gov 206-684-8802
yes 8–CW Terresa Mosqueda teresa.mosqueda@seattle.gov
Erin House Erin.House@seattle.gov 206-684-8808
yes 4 Alex Pedersen alex.pedersen@seattle.gov
Toby Thaler toby.thaler@seattle.gov 206-684-8804
yes 6 Dan Strauss dan.strauss@seattle.gov
Naomi Lewis omi.Lewis@seattle.gov 2 206-684-8806
no 1 Lisa Herbold lisa.herbold@seattle.gov
Newell Aldrich newell.aldrich2@seattle.gov 206-684-8801
no 5 Debra Juarez debra.juarez@seattle.gov
Bryndel Swift bryndel.swift@seattle.gov 206-684-8805
no 7 Andrew Lewis andrew.lewis@seattle.gov
Parker Dawson Parker.Dawson@seattle.gov 206-684-8807
no 3 Kshama Sawant kshama.sawant@seattle.gov
Ted Virdone Ted.Virdone@seattle.gov 206-684-8803

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