Urban Forest Maps

Urban Forest Maps are evolving as tree wikis come on line. Tree wikis are a new tool to help map tree resources in urban areas. They provide an inventory put together by urban residents that include tree species, location, tree diameter, age, photographs and other information relating to the urban forest.


Below are some of the current urban forest tree maps based on wikis around the country:

Asheville, North CarolinaAsheville Tree Map

Austin, TX – Tree Folks

Detroit, MIThe Greening of Detroit

Grand Rapids, MichiganUrban Forest Project

Los Angeles, CaliforniaTreeMap LA

New Haven, Connecticut – Street Tree Map

New York CityStreet Tree Map

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Philly Tree Map

Rhode IslandRhode Island Tree Register

San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego County Tree Map

San Francisco, California – Urban Forest Map

Seattle, WashingtonStreet Tree Map

Seattle, Washington –   Seattle Tree Map

Tampa, FloridaTree Map

Melbourne, AustraliaUrban Forest Visual


England and WalesBlueskys National Tree Map

Edmonton, Canada YegTreeMap

other tree maps:

Atlanta, GAChampion Trees

Baltimore, MDTree Baltimore – Baltimore tree maps

Cambridge, MAStreet Trees

Minneapolis, MNMapping the Urban Tree Canopy

Minneapolis, MinnesotaUrban Tree Canopy Map

 New York City – Central Park – Park Tree Map

OregonOregon Heritage Tree Maps

Portland, OregonTree Walk Maps

Portland, ORStreet Tree maps

Saint Paul, MNLandmark Tree Maps

Salt Lake CityUrban Forest Map

San Jose, CAHeritage Tree Map

SeattleFruit Tree Map

US Geological Service – Tree Species Distribution Maps for North America

Plant Maps  Interactive Plant, Tree and Gardening Maps and Data

NASAAbove Ground Woody Biomass Map

NASAGlobal Forest Height

USFSClimate Change Tree Atlas – eastern US

USFSUrban Tree Canopy Assessment

Minneapolis, MNMapping the Urban Tree Canopy

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