May 2018 Action Plan for Updating Seattle’s Tree Ordinance

May Action Plan – Keep Seattle Green – Protect our Trees

Reach out to supporting groups – emails to their members, newsletter articles, posting on organization websites, FB. Ask to be copied with the article, posting, etc. Enlarge contact list of supporting organizations – environmental groups, community councils, Democratic organizations,sustainability groups, equity groups. Meet with key leaders – ask about how we can get their support/endorsement (give talk, pp, leaflet, newsletters, website and social media)

Arrange Seattle Councilmember meetings – starting with Johnson, O’Brien, Herbold and Gonzalez (alternate) on Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee. Include other CouncilmeMmbers, ayor and Staff. Send e-mails to the Council and Mayor on a regular basis. Individual emails to each Councilmember personalize your contact.

Show up for coalition meetings – Get names and contact of newcomers
Sat. May 12, 2018 12 PM – 2PM Broadview Public Library, 12755 Greenwood Ave N.
Sat May 26, 2018, 3-5 PM Northgate Public Library, 10548 5th Ave NE.

Organize press conference Wednesday 5/168:45 AM for 9 AM press Conference
prior to 9:30 AM Planning, Land Use and Zoning meeting. Broaden Press contacts. Create list. Make contact with individual press people to brief them on issue. Organize letters to the editor. Be sure message and outreach is coordinated with campaign

PUSH for BIG turnout Wednesday May 16, 2018 – 9:30 am
to influence the PLUZ Committee, and the Seattle City Council to pass a strong tree ordinance. Rob Johnson will be doing the initial briefing at this meeting. PLUZ meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays

Send e-mails, speak and attend Urban Forestry Commission meeting 5/9.
Send emails and speak about a strong tree ordinance. Also, thank the UFC for providing leadership in pushing to update the Tree Protection Ordinance over the last 9 years. Following meetings – 1st and 2nd Wed of month,3 PM – 5 PM Rm 2750, Seattle Municipal Tower

Yard sign campaign – concentrate on well-traveled streets and neighborhoods

Concentrate on main points when speaking – strong support to Councilmember Johnson and Seattle City Council for updating our Tree Protection ordinance. Emphasize that we are losing trees during development; that we need to require equivalent replacement for lost tree canopy to increase our tree canopy to 30%. Our proposal follows his main points but provides more details for a more effective
ordinance. Remember anything you say in public can wind up in the media so stay on point. If you have personal experience of problems with the current ordinance mention them and how what we are proposing will make things better.

Sources of information:
also FB page – Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest 
also FB page – Tree PAC

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