Lake Forest Park Buys 5 Acre Woods from Seattle Public Utilities for Park

Press Release


September 29, 2017

Lake Forest Park and City of Seattle Come Together

to Save 5 Acre Woods

September 28:

After two years of intense negotiation and advocacy by community groups, the Lake Forest Park City Council has voted unanimously to purchase Five Acre Wood from the City of Seattle. The 5.6-acre parcel is the city’s last remaining tract of undeveloped land, and will now become an urban forest park. The City Council also resolved to sign an agreement with Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation, to develop plans for fundraising and a long term park.

Seattle Public Utilities had held the land for many years as a potential site for a future water reservoir. The lush, mature forest, wetland and stream provide wildlife habitat, tree bank and potential for nature trails that will continue to benefit residents of Lake Forest Park and the City of Seattle. It also contributes to the health of Lake Washington.

Seattle Green Spaces Coalition worked with Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation on community outreach and fundraising efforts. Contributions to purchase the land were also made by King Conservation Futures, the Tulalip Tribe, and many individuals.

We credit the leadership of Lake Forest Park City Council, Seattle Public Utilities and Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation for recognizing the value of green space in urban areas. We also applaud their ability to work together to retain this green space.

The Seattle Green Spaces Coalition works to keep public lands in public hands for public benefit. We help or spearhead efforts to create public-private partnerships, and public policies that foster maintaining the green spaces that keep our urban environments livable. The City of Seattle owns more than 400 acres of surplus public land, and each site has powerful potential benefits for public use.

Contacts: (all available for interviews and to provide additional materials)

· Mary Fleck, Co-Chair, Seattle Green Spaces Coalition 206.937.3321 /

· Elaine Ike, Co-Chair, Seattle Green Spaces Coalition 206.933.0163

(Photo left to right: Deputy Mayor Catherine Stanford, Kim Josund, executive member Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation, mayor Jeff Johnson, Natalie-Pascal Boisseau (Board member Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation) City Council member Tom French) PressRelease.LFP

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