Make Developers Pay for Tree Canopy Loss!

Action Alert – and Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest With the tremendous growth going on in Seattle, trees are more threatened than ever. Developers are clamoring for fewer restrictions and are winning as the Seattle City Council continues to … Continue reading

Seattle Urban Forestry Commission – Comments on Design Review Improvements – CB119057

Seattle Urban Forestry Commission Tom Early, Chair • Steve Zemke, Vice-Chair Weston Brinkley • Leif Fixen • Megan Herzog • Craig Johnson Joanna Nelson de Flores • Sarah Rehder • Andrew Zellers September 13, 2017. Councilmember Rob Johnson City Hall … Continue reading

Concerns about CB 119057 modifying Seattle design review process

Concerns about CB 119057 modifying design review process Testimony before Seattle City Council Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee Sept 11. 2017 Steve Zemke – Chair – Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest and TreePAC CB 119057 was submitted to the … Continue reading

Mandatory Housing Affordability Draft EIS Comments

MHA Draft EIS Comments by Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest August 7, 2017 From Steve Zemke – Chair Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest To:  Office of Planning and Community Development Attn: MHA EIS PO Box 34019 Seattle, WA 98124-4019 The … Continue reading

Seattle Tree Ordinance Update Priorities – 2017

In 2009, the Seattle City Council issued Resolution 31138 instructing “…the Department of Planning and Development to submit legislation by May 2010 to establish a comprehensive set of regulations and incentives to limit the removal of trees and promote the … Continue reading

Seattle Needs to Require Developers to do Urban Forestry Canopy Impacts Assessments

The Seattle Urban Forestry Commission in 2014 recommended that its Department of Planning and Development require project developers to complete urban forestry canopy impact assessments. Seattle’s growth and property development and building is continuing at breakneck speed and impacting Seattle’s … Continue reading

Draft EIS for Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan Gives Urban Forest Short Shift

Seattle is currently undergoing an update of its Comprehensive Plan. The update to deal with growth projections over the next 20 years is required under the State’s Growth Management Act. The projections are that Seattle will see a significant increase of 120,000 … Continue reading