2020 Seattle City Council Committee Structure and Chairs to be Adopted on Monday

Here is the resolution to be voted on Monday Jan.6, 2020 by the Seattle City Council which will set up the Committee Structure, Committee Chairs and Committee members for 2020.
Updating the Tree Protection Ordinance will be through the Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee
They will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 9:30 a.m.
Chair Dan Strauss
Vice-Chair Teresa Mosqueda
Member  Debra Juarez 
Member  Andrew Lewis 
Member Alex Pedersen
Alternate Lorena González
Committees will now have 5 members and an alternate, rather than 3 members and an alternate.
Voting an ordinance out of committee or making amendments in committee will now require 3 votes to pass.
Passage of an ordinance by the full City Council will require 5 votes.
6 votes of the full Council would be needed to override a Mayoral veto.
Here is the link to the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance.
Quickly send Seattle’s Mayor and the Seattle City Council an email supporting the Urban Forestry Commission’s by going to www.DontClearcutSeattle.org.

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