Seattle Audubon Speaks out for a Stronger Tree Ordinance

Dear Seattle City Council,

We urge Seattle City Council to support the Trees for All initiative, and recommendations made by the Urban Forestry Commission to strengthen the protection of trees in the city of Seattle. We commend Rob Johnson for proposing a more transparent system for acquiring tree permits to take trees from our city, a focus on replacing cut trees with new trees that will contribute to our urban canopy, and a focus on increasing our urban canopy in less advantaged neighborhoods.

The Seattle Audubon Society is Washington State’s oldest environmental conservation organization, founded in 1916. We represent approximately 4,000 local members. One of our key priorities is to advocate and lead urban habitat preservation, which aims to restore Seattle’s urban tree canopy across the city. We support stronger regulations for tree removal, a focus on offsetting development, and working towards urban equality in our environment. We believe a framework like the Trees for All campaign outlined by Councilman Rob Johnson will move the city towards an equitable increase in Seattle’s tree canopy. In addition to this initiative, we hope the city will decide to include trees with 6” or greater DBH as a threshold in tree replacement strategies. We also urge you to consider small lots of land as many single family homes are small or are being subdivided into smaller lots.

Seattle Audubon has been working with partner organizations across the city to preserve the urban forest as part of the commitment made in signing the Urban Bird Treaty, for the conservation of wildlife (particularly avifauna), and for the health of Seattle residents. Seattle’s urban tree canopy provides habitat for nesting birds, and food for our migratory and resident species. In addition to connecting birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway, Seattle’s urban canopy provides important connections for wildlife between green spaces. Trees are also important for improving air quality and are important in offsetting climate change. As Seattle’s population increases, it is critical that we continue to preserve our city’s trees and increase our tree canopy particularly in low income and immigrant communities.

Please make protecting and increasing Seattle’s trees a priority.

Megan Friesen, PhD

Seattle Audubon
Conservation Manager
May 15, 2018


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